Tailoring Services to Fit

Vision — how you want to project a unique look that sets your listing apart from the crowd.

Media selection — do you want to review all the images we make for a property and select specifically for tour, MLS and print? Or do you prefer an approximate number delivered with ability to review outtakes later?

Project pricing — Do you prefer a production fee along with a per selected image license fee? A per project package fee that combines production and group license fee based on property characteristics and a pre-defined number of images?

Marketing Package Options — Do you prefer to have a link for media for download, relying on your agency resources for Internet tours, brochure printing and social media? Or would you like a marketing package platform that includes various Internet tour links, along with pre-designed marketing material for download and printing?

All the other stuff — that will come to mind while we’re tailoring a bespoke package that fits your business.

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